Postpartum: Your Arrival Arts doula will absolutely visit and help tend to your needs after birth. Let your doula help keep the rest of your world humming while you bond with your babe. Here are just a few of the postpartum services offered by your Arrival Arts doula. (And the list is always growing!)

Nourishment:  Mama, get nourished! Your doula can help create a Mealtrain for you and your family, based on your own unique preferences, diet, and lifestyle. You provide the contact list and your doula will alert your friends, family, and/or community on when (and how) you’re ready to start receiving meals. You’ll be able to log in online if you like, and see who is bringing what, and when. We can run and get groceries for you and prepare meals and snacks for the week. Bon appetite!

A Hand Around the House: Just ask. Your doula can help you with some light cleaning, laundry and tidying so you can relax and do your most important work-- resting and falling in love.

Breastfeeding Support: Your doula can help you settle into a feeding rhythm with your baby. Whether you are breastfeeding, pumping, formula feeding, or using a combination of these methods, your doula is here to help you and your baby get off to a great start.

Sibling Support:  Big brothers and sisters have needs of their own. Let your doula lend a hand with your other littles as you transition into a bigger tribe. We’ll talk about this as your pregnancy progresses and your doula will provide unique support based on your family’s needs.

Self-Care: Take a shower. Take a breath. Have a bath drawn for you. Whatever it is-- short breaks add up to a whole lot. Let your doula help you find time to treat yourself with some tender loving care. Your doula will care for your baby while you get some well deserved R&R.