Your doula is ready to help you design the birth that YOU want. Arrival Arts has zero attachment to any options and choices when it comes to YOUR birth. We will absolutely and unequivocally support you in achieving whatever kind of birth you want and in whatever choices you make. Planning on no meds? Great. Planning on meds? Great. You get the idea.  You decide what you want at any given time and we will be there 100%, heart and hands, we believe that you hold the wisdom and we will support you in finding and using it.  

Your body, your baby, your birth. Let’s go get it.

When you choose The Arrival Package with Arrival Arts Doula Care,

here’s what you can expect:

The Arrival Package

2 Prenatal visits:  During your personally tailored, in home prenatal visits, we’ll get to know each other and develop a relationship in which you can feel grounded, confident, heard and honored. We’ll explore your wishes, build trust, and begin our work in getting you to your north stars. True continuity of care.

Immediate On-Call Availability: Upon signing you have access to the Arrival Arts call schedule. At Arrival Arts we believe that prenatal support, continuity of care and labor support start when you decide, therefor a doula is always available for support. Your on call support is available to you for the first 48 hours postpartum as well. Don’t hesitate. Day or night, your doula is just a phone call, email or text away. 

Partner Support:  The list of partners that enthusiastically refer other partners to Arrival Arts is phenomenal! A new client told me that they found out about "what in the world a doula is" by hearing a former client's advice... 

"Call Lindsey, Man….seriously. Just call her."  

Here's the scoop partners...You know her. I know birth. And by the time I'm done with you, you'll know birth and you'll make all her wishes come true!

Labor and Delivery:   Night or day. Call. We will be right by your side. You've got this. 

Immediate Postpartum Support: Your doula will remain with you up to two hours postpartum time. However you choose to nourish your baby, we will be there, as hands on as you like, to ensure that you are off to a confident start. 

Resource Library:   My resources are your resources. My people are your people. My connections are your connections. 

Postpartum Visit:   Your doula will join you in your home for a closing postpartum visit within the first two weeks after your birth. During this visit you will have hands on nourishment support for you and your family. We'll cover local resources to ease and enhance your transition into parenthood, we'll go over your birth, your questions, your joys and any concerns that you may have. Many parents find that soon after baby arrives the excitement and support from many sources can often subside, not so with Arrival Arts. We see you, we hear you and we know that the transitions can last long into the coming year. We'll be there for you, without judgment. 


Arriving With Wings

Arrival Arts supports families through smiles and tears. Through arms that are filled with life and arms that are filled with loss. Hearts that are happy and hearts that are breaking. Agency is critically important in your time of loss and transition, please don't hesitate to call. You will find comfort, honor, and a safe, judgement free bereavement doula waiting to support you, your family, and your wishes.