August 24, 2015


MomPost. Get It. 

You are a fabulous parent through and through, but let's face it…this parenting sh*t is hard! Like, would you rather stay up all night long for years and years while little people scream and throw up OR never get to have coffee again. Ever. It's that kind of hard. Never fear, Arrival Arts and The MomPost have decided to do what we can to take the edge off of parenting for you. We want to invite more Joy, more Light and more Ease to invigorate your time with your Family. We want you to be able to have your coffee while it is still the temperature you were dreaming of (shut up!), to wear something that you feel great in that doesn't have someone else's food prints on it (hold the phone!) AND be able to finish a sentence all at the same time! Crazy talk? We think not. May we present to you . . .


You know what it's like trying to read labels or make research based decisions in the store, or anywhere, with kiddos. It's a nightmare, right? Not anymore. When you see this symbol you can proceed with Get. It. and go confidence. Happy. Done. You're already at the park using the simple new sunscreen that won't leave your laundry greasy and your kids covered in a thick white paste. You didn't have to try several purchases or just deal with one you can't stand! Your playdate snack is already packed and filled with ingredients you feel good about and you didn't have to spend an arm and a leg to make that happen. When you see this 



you'll know that The MomPost has done the research for you. Yes, by all means you do the research too, and certainly I may say "vanilla" and you may say "chocolate," but what all of the *MomPost. Get It.* highlighted products and tips have in common are:

*They are easily accessible for parents with kiddos in tow 

*They aim to ease and joy to you day and night 

*You can grab them and go with confidence

Enjoy. Tell us what you think and which products you want to see on The MomPost. Deep breath. Big smile. Onward!


The MomPost is currently highlighting products you'll love at the Oneota Co-op in downtown Decorah. Follow us on Instagram because there's no use crying over spilled coffee!

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